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Tuesday, January 24, 2006 

Bionaturae Organic Whole Wheat Pasta

My first taste of whole wheat pasta was not altogether pleasant. I distinctly remember a beautiful, rich, red tomato sauce clinging to particle-board textured strands that had quite a bit of nerve calling themselves "pasta." This dining experience left me leery of the whole wheat pasta scene for a good three or so years.

My next taste of whole wheat pasta--I promise you--arose out of sheer desperation. It was nearing the dinner hour in our house, and a lack of time for grocery shopping left me with quite the bare cupboard. Since I owned a healthy gift basket company, I had a warehouse full of food from which I would occasionally "shop" as the need arose. This night, I scanned the shelves, and my eyes settled on a bag of Bionaturae Whole Wheat Pasta. I wasn't overjoyed, but there wasn't much else that could feed a family of four. I grabbed the bag and a jar of Walnut Acres Organic Pasta sauce and ran for the kitchen.

I never said a word to anyone else in the family about the "different" pasta, because I figured I'd know soon enough if dinner were intolerable. I sipped my water slowly--waiting for what I thought were inevitable groans of protest. To my surprise, I heard nothing except chewing and forks clanging against bowls, so I decided it was my turn to give it a try.

One bite later, and I was "all in." This was good stuff! No cardboard taste. No overwhelming "wheat" flavor. It was a little different from "regular" pasta, but it was tasty! It had a very light taste of wheat giving it a richer body and flavor than ordinary pasta, but it was extremely understated and didn't overpower the sauce by screaming "I'M WHOLE WHEAT PASTA AND I'M GOOD FOR YOU!"

I've since tried the pasta with just about every sauce imaginable, and I've always had spectacular results. My favorite way of serving it, however, is in baked ziti, but perhaps that has more to do with the story that goes with it...

My salt-, sugar-, and fat-happy father-in-law was visiting. We were standing around in the warehouse after dinner, when he suddenly spotted the bags of Bionaturae Whole Wheat pasta. He picked one up, and declared disgustedly that he "absolutely hated that stuff." My husband and I burst out laughing as my husband informed him that he had just praised that very "stuff" at dinner after eating several helpings of it.

So, people, cast off your preconceived notions about whole wheat pasta, and actually TRY THIS PRODUCT! Your body will definitely thank you, and your tastebuds won't disown you. If you're family isn't on board with a "health-food" philosophy, they don't have to know that this is "healthy" pasta. I say, in this case, what they don't know definitely won't hurt them.

Manufacturer says: Bionaturæ® organic whole wheat pasta has a nutty flavor that is pleasing to your palate, not gritty or grainy. The whole wheat pasta cooks just like semolina pasta and has a wonderful texture that works well with any recipe.

What they say: Nothing. They just eat it, and eat it, and eat it...

Try it now: Bionaturae Whole Wheat Pasta


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