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Sunday, January 22, 2006 

Just the Cheese™ Crunchy Baked Cheese™ - Lower Salt Cheddar Flavor

Admittedly this snack is not for everyone. It doesn't exactly taste like cheese--at least no cheese I've ever eaten--in fact, it doesn't taste like much at first. The overwhelming pleasure of these baked cheese rounds is an incredible crunch that simply feels great in your mouth. As you crunch, a subtle cheese flavor is released, prompting you to grab another one and munch again. This is a bit dangerous, because the 2 oz bag is actually four servings with each one containing 75 calories, 6.5 grams of fat (3.4 g of them saturated), 25 mg of cholesterol, and 225 mg of sodium (and this is the lower salt flavor!). I don't actually think one could eat the whole bag, however, because as delightful as these are, they do get sickening after a bit.

On the upside, these are great for milk-haters, such as myself, since they contain a nice amount of calcium. They also make a great snack for those on low-carb diets, as they only contain 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving.

Manufacturer says: To make these snacks, we simply crumble our natural cheese into cookie cutters, oven bake and season to crisp, delicious perfection. Nothing else added. And, since our patent-pending baking process preserves cheese's natural nutrients, our Just the Cheese Crunchy Baked Cheese are PROTEIN AND CALCIUM RICH but LOW IN CARBOHYDRATES. 100% Cheese taste because it's 100% pure cheese!

Each piece of Just the Cheese Crunchy Baked Cheese is a golden gem of natural cheese that first crunches, then melts in your mouth. Just the Cheese Crunchy Baked Cheese pieces make sensational snacks, creative crumbles for soups and salads, and are delicious with your favorite dips.

He says: Tastes like unsalted cardboard. Dog food. Garbage.

3 year old says: I don't like these.

6 year old says: (Nothing. Just spits it out.)

My whole family tried these and noone liked them.
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