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Friday, January 27, 2006 

The Switch 100% Carbonated Juice - Orange Mango

I'm not a soda drinker. In fact, I absolutely detest that sugary stuff and won't even drink it on special occasions. I, therefore, did not encounter The Switch 100% Carbonated Juice while searching for a "healthier" alternative to help me kick the cola habit. Instead, I first discovered The Switch in my quest for an unsweetened fruit juice that had broad appeal.

The Switch, with it's lack of added sugar, corn syrup, or preservatives, seemed to fit the profile nicely--not only was it healthy, but it had the nice twist of carbonation to appeal to soda drinkers young and old. The first flavor I tried was Orange Mango. It had a delicious "sweet" taste and a familiar "tickle" of soda, yet I knew I wasn't torturing my body with refined sugars. I took a quick glance at the Nutrition Facts, and I was thrilled at what I found--this fantastic beverage wasn't simply "not bad for you," but it boasted 100% vitamin C, 8% vitamin A, and a whopping 30% of iron (percentage of daily values for a 2,000 calorie diet). With this stuff around, why in the world would anyone drink soda?!?!?

This is a great beverage for soda-lovers--adults and children alike, as well as for health "foodies" looking for something a little different. It's an especially great product for kids, because they really think they are getting soda, but it's really just fancy juice that's (GULP!) good for them!

Manufacturer says: We were tired of all the hype. You know, the weird ingredients you can't even pronounce. The natural-sounding drinks that have artificial colors and flavors. The "juice drinks" that are 6% juice. That's why we started The Switch. So we could make a healthy, all-natural, 100% juice beverage without any hype. Then we added carbonation to make it fun.

He says: Delicious. Fantastic. I'll drink this anytime.

3 year old says: Can I have some more soda?

6 year old says: Can I have some more soda?

Try it now: The Switch

This stuff is targeted at those who are really attracted to the carbonation and not the actual taste of their favorite soda (pop if you perfer). I, on the other hand, perfer my soda flat so this would not be something I would normally seek out. This stuff, though, has quite a nice taste and I would drink it as a healthy alternative to my favorite soda sometimes, at least, and probably after I let it go flat.
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I tried The Switch's Fruit Punch flavor at school today, as my school just started offering this juice in the vending machines. I instantly loved it, and would definitely buy more. It's not only satisfyingly carbonated, but DELICIOUS for an all-natural 100% juice! Perfect for that person who loves soda but hates the high fructose corn syrup. Tastes JUST like any carbonated soda beverage out there!
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