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Sunday, February 12, 2006 

Gladstone's Under the Sun Wild Blueberry Syrup

So you've got yourself a plate of homemade, piping hot whole-grain pancakes (boasting 4 grams of fiber each), and you're feeling pretty darn good about yourself. You reach across the table for the maple syrup and start covering your healthy flap-jacks with enough sugar to send the local kindergartners spinning through the town like mini tornadoes. You meant well; you just didn't know you could jazz up those griddle cakes with something other than a puddle of sugar--a classic case of drowning in good intentions.

If maple is the only kind of syrup in your kitchen, it's high time you discovered Gladstone's Under the Sun Wild Blueberry Syrup. Made with organic wild blueberries, this thick and chunky syrup is delicious on pancakes and waffles, in yogurt, and over ice cream. It also makes a superb filling for crepes. The flavor is intensely blueberry, and it succeeds in giving your food a sweet "kick" without any added sugar!

The only ingredients in the syrup are organic wild blueberries, apple cider, white grape juice, and citrus pectin. It's completely natural, and a great product for diabetics and dieters.

Here's how it stacks up against a leading brand of pure maple syrup:

Admittedly this maple syrup also provides a fair amount of calcium and iron, but given the other negatives, you're better off getting these from another food source.

Try it now: Wild Blueberry Syrup


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