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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

Olivio Buttery Spray

Do you miss butter? Geez, I miss butter. Before a life of paying attention to what eat, my favorite snack was a bowl-size mug of cocoa and 2-4 slices of toast. Sadly, both of which are a colossal waste of calories now. I switched to I Can't Believe Its Not Butter Spray, and figured it wouldn't get any better than that, but one day, my grocery store was out of it, so I tried a different kind -- Olivio Buttery Spray. Mmmmm.... the name is oh so appropriate, it very buttery! Whereas ICBINB was somewhat like spraying yellow water on my bread, Olivio is much more like the real thing, at least in the taste arena (still looks very similar to yellow water). Even my kids like it on their popcorn -- you can still get that DRENCHED in butter effect with this stuff! Now if you compared Olivio to real butter, it probably wouldn't be too impressive, but in the world of butter sprays, this stuff is tops. 5 sprays are 0 calories and 0 fat grams. Of course, my question becomes, "FIVE SPRAYS??? Are you KIDDING ME? What about, like, 25 sprays?" Their website lists the nutrition info for one tablespoon of the spray as 50 calories and 6 g fat. But how many sprays is one tablespoon? I know that inquiring minds want to know, so in an uncontrolled and unscientific experiment, I tested how many sprays it took to fill one tablespoon -- I'd say roughly 60 sprays.

As a small bonus for me, Olivio is made by the Lee Iacocca Foundation, which donates all their profits to Diabetes Research, and having a family member with diabetes, it makes me feel really socially conscious or something, rather than ONLY a butter-lover.

While I do not add butter or any substitute to many things that I consume, I would consider myself a butter lover. If I am going to indulge myself I want the REAL stuff. Olivio is definitely NOT the real thing. I tried it accidentally when I, acting as the human garbage disposal, ate a left-over bagel from breakfast. Blech! It was my wife's and she had sprayed it with this product. I will say, however, that it tastes a lot like margarine and I am, by no means, a margarine-lover. For those of you who are used to the margarine taste and can accept it as an alternative to butter it is probably a pretty good choice. In addition to its benefits of being low carolie and low fat it has only 1 gram of saturated fat in a tablespoon (60 or so sprays) and no trans fats.
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