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Thursday, February 16, 2006 

Rocamojo Roasted Soy Coffee

I'm always up for trying new things--especially healthy foods and beverages, so nobody had to twist my arm for me to give Rocamojo Roasted Soy Coffee a try. My first taste was of the original roast, the only flavor at the time--but I have since tried all the flavors: Hazelnut, Vanilla Nut, and Mocha--and I love them all equally, save the Mocha.

Opening my first bag of Rocamojo was actually the WORST part of the entire experiment. I adore the smell of coffee, however, I was instantly horrified by the aroma of these grounds--I won't even attempt to describe the smell, except to say that it is, at the very least, disappointing, and to some, perhaps, even offensive.

If, however, one can get past the initial olfactory assault, the brewed beverage is actually quite delightful. It is smoother than regular coffee with a lot less bitterness and a decidedly milder "bite." While I did not try it with sweetener (why would anyone do that to coffee?), I would not recommend drinking Rocamojo without milk or cream--this coffee definitely requires a dairy or dairy-like liquid (soy, rice, or other milk) to mellow the flavor.

I can almost hear some of you thinking why anyone would want to drink roasted soy coffee. Admittedly, most people find the whole idea of roasted soy bean coffee odd, maybe even disgusting, so justifying its consumption seems appropriate. While I personally like it because I crave variety, the folks over at Rocamojo are actually aiming their product at individuals who cannot stomach the acid in regular coffee (those with acid reflux, GERDS and ulcers) and need a healthy alternative. For those suffering from acid-sensitivity issues, Rocamojo is a java-dream come true--while it certainly lacks the ever-pleasant coffee aroma, it is a delicious brew that makes a great substitute for the forbidden "real" stuff.

Another point of interest--while caffeine has long had to deal with a "bad" health reputation, of late there has been quite a "buzz" in the coffee world about the possible health risks associated with the decaffeination process. These include (but are not limited to) concerns that decaffeination may: raise LDL cholesterol, increase gastrin levels, interfere with the absorption of minerals, and intefere with bone density. For coffee lovers with caffeine sensitivity, this poses a disturbing dilemma that Rocamojo just may solve. Rocamojo, being made exclusively from organic soy beans*, is not decaffeinated, but, rather, 100% caffeine free. Since it is naturally caffeine-free and hasn't undergone the controversial decaffeination process, it is appealing to those seeking an acid-free and caffeine-free beverage. Rocamojo, then, may just be "better than coffee" just as the company claims.

*Allergy allert: The flavored coffees have a natural flavoring containing peanut extract.

Try it now: Rocamojo


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