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Monday, March 06, 2006 

Esparrago Chunky Asparagus Salsa

As a lover of Mexican food and, especially, good salsa, I was excited to try the Esparrago Salsa. The catch is, however, asparagus is not one of my favorite vegetables. No, I don't hate it, but I can think of at least a dozen vegetables I would go for first. I had an open mind despite this because I figured that salsa is such a mix of flavors that the asparagus would hardly stand out at all. Thus, I would be getting the benefits without any of the taste drawbacks. Unfortunately, this was not quite true.

The salsa is hearty and the base is pretty good, but the asparagus adds a flavor that just doesn't quite fit in salsa. It was not bad, just not one of the better salsas I have had. I actually had two choices of salsa on the table and, after using up all of the Esparrago on I had on my plate, I replaced it with an alternative (Mrs. Renfro's) that I like a whole lot more. So, despite the health benefits, I do not think I would buy this over my other favorites because they are all-natural as well and I do not consider the health differences to be huge. I should point out, though, that the sodium is far less than that found in competing salsas so it is definitely worth trying for those needing to watch salt intake.

Overall, though I wouldn't buy this stuff, it is good enough to use once in awhile. I think, perhaps, if there was a much spicier version, it would be more appealing and might have a better chance of winning me over.

The Facts:
BrandEsparragoMrs. Renfros
Serving size:2 Tbsp2 Tbsp
Servings per container:about 10about 13
Vitamin A:4%0
Vitamin C:10%2%
Weight Watchers Points®:00

Rating: (all rankings out of 5)
Overall: 3
Taste: 3
Satisfying/filling: 3
Healthy: 5
Performance (for athletes): 5
Diet Appropriate: 5
Category: Condiment

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