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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 

Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk

I can't say that I ever much bought into the health concerns over hormones and antibiotics used on milk-producing cows. I am a believer, though, in reducing antibiotic use, when possible, to avoid bacterial resistance. This aside, I was interested in tasting whether an organic chocolate milk was really any different than regular chocolate milk. Enter Horizon Organic's entry. Right from handling the package I noticed a difference. It seems that the package itself is supposed to be produced using low energy and recyclable material. This makes sense since, I suppose, those interested in organic products might be pretty likely to desire environmental responsibility. As an added aside, this single-serve package is designed so that it does not need to be refrigerated until opened.

Enough with the packaging though, how about the taste... Well, it is decidedly different than regular chocolate milk. It has a pasty or thick taste. In fact, I checked the package twice to make sure it was not whole milk but, was reassured that it is low fat after all. I would not say it is bad. The taste was still pleasant and chocolaty but, certainly, was not as good as some of the other kinds I have tried. The big test, however, came as my three-year-old son, a true chocolate milk aficionado, tried it. He gulped down the whole think without any indication that it was different from his normal kind. This is good for parents wishing the children to switch to organic products. It seems that if you switch them early, they will hardly notice a difference.

Overall, the product is eminently drinkable and I would drink it again. I am interested in trying their products not designed to be kept at room temperature to determine if they have a better consistency. Nutritionally, it is similar to other chocolate milk.

The Manufacturer Says
The organic milk is good for you because the cows are not treated with antibiotics and growth hormones.

The Facts
Serving Size: 8 oz
Servings per Container: 1
Calories: 180
Fat: 5g (45 calories) no trans fat
Fiber: 2% (<1g)
Protein: 8g
Vitamin A: 10%
Vitamin D: 25%
Calcium: 25%
Iron: 2%
Sodium: 160mg
Weight Watchers Points®: 4

Ratings: (all rankings out of 5)
Overall: 3
Taste: 3
Satisfying/filling: 3
Healthy: 4
Performance (for athletes): 3
Diet Appropriate: 3
Category: Drinks/Milk


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