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Monday, March 06, 2006 

Hunka Chunka Organic Cookies - Double Chocolate Chip

I am always a bit worried when a cookie is advertised as organic. My first thought is that the package would taste better than the cookie. I suppose that I have opened my mind a bit and did not cringe when I put the first cookie in my mouth but, suffice it to say, my expectations were not real high. I was pleasantly surprised that with the very chocolaty taste. The texture is a bit unusual and certainly not like any cookie I had eaten. They felt lighter and more filled with air than cookie which, I suppose, keeps the calories and fat down. The whole family tried them and made quick work of the 2 oz bag. Everyone’s reaction was positive. The kids didn't seem to think they were anything unusual at all. You could hardly expect a better reaction when trying to introduce healthy treats to your kids. For myself, I would reach for the Chips Ahoy® before these if taste was the only consideration. Since I am trying to be healthier, I would probably choose Hunka Chunka Double Chocolate Chip slightly more often however. The "light and airy" texture makes them a little less filling than some of the traditional favorites so you might expect to eat a few more than you would of your other favorites. You can do it, however, with a little less guilt knowing that these are much better for you!

Overall, I think these cookies are a great alternative for kids and for adults who are trying to improve eating without major sacrifices in food enjoyment.

Rating: (all rankings out of 5)
Overall: 4
Taste: 4
Satisfying/filling: 4
Healthy: 4
Performance (for athletes): 3
Diet Appropriate: 4
Category: Dessert Foods

Try it now: Hunka Chunka Organic Cookies - Double Chocolate Chip

I disagree slightly with Foodguru2. I think these cookies are worthy of replacing your old cookies on the merits of their taste, not simply becuase they are healthier. They are smooth and chewy and very chocolately, compared to dry and crumb-y Chips Ahoy. I'd reach for the Hunka Chunkas first anyday!
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