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Thursday, March 02, 2006 

R.W. Garcia Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

As a Mexican food lover I fancy myself somewhat of a tortilla chip connoisseur so I wasted no time popping the bag open and digging in. The first surprise was the packaging. Most tortilla bags are filled with so much air in a thin plastic bag that there is at least a 50% risk of having a tortilla chip explosion when opening the bag. R.W. Garcia chip bag material is a bit sturdier and opened nice a cleanly. I didn’t have to spend time gathering lost chips before eating.

The R.W. Garcia Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips remind me of some of some tasty blue corn chips I had at a fine Mexican establishment a few years back. I suppose, though, that those were nowhere near as healthy as these. These tortilla chips achieve their delicious flavor without trans fats and are gluten free. They are not low-fat, however, so they may not be the best choice for the fat-conscious but they are a bit lower in fat content than regular tortilla chips. The major surprise is that, though I am a salt lover, that these still hit the spot despite the very low sodium content (45mg). This is a big plus for many whom might have to be very careful when considering a chip.

A minor issue I have, though, is that the package I had, the "Super Natural Grab Bag" boasted 3 servings which I, of course, devoured in one sitting. I am not sure why manufacturers make this size since it is more than someone should eat by themselves but way too little to share with more than one person. I would expect that most people would eat the whole bag. Hopefully the folks at R.W. Garcia will help those of use prone to gluttony and make a smaller size.

Size issue aside, I would recommend these as a healthy choice for any tortilla chip-lover, especially sodium-conscious individuals, as you can rest assured that your dining experience will certainly not be hurt when substituting other chips with these.

The Manufacturer Says:
Made from Organic Blue Corn and lightly cooked in the natural oils with no trans fats are completely wheat and gluten free.

The Facts:
Serving size: 1oz
Servings per container: 3
Calories: 140
Fat: 5g
Calcium: 6%
Sodium: 45mg
Protein: 3g

Rating: (all rankings out of 5)
Overall: 4
Taste: 5
Satisfying/filling: 5
Healthy: 4
Performance (for athletes): 4
Diet Appropriate: 3
Category: Snack food

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