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Wednesday, March 15, 2006 

Stretch Island Organic Apple Fruit Leather

Fruit Leather tastes similar to competing products such as Betty Crocker’s Fruit Roll-Ups® but is much healthier. It doesn’t have partially hydrogenated oils or added sugars and includes only natural ingredients.

While the flavor is good, I am not quite sure that it tastes like apple. I even checked the package again to be sure what it was. Again, it was not that it was bad, just not necessarily consistent with the name. This is not all that unusual for this type of product so don’t be too concerned.

The taste is sweet enough to appeal to children and adults alike and is, perhaps, sweeter-tasting than the competitors. The higher sugar content probably is a factor here though it is from fruit juice versus corn syrup found in the competition. Additionally, a subtle taste of lemon juice enhances the flavor of what can be a pretty bland snack food.

Rest assured that kids will not be able to tell the difference and will enjoy these every bit as much as the others. Kids may miss out on the gimmicky package of fruit rolled up in plastic, though I always thought it a huge pain in the neck, or uncoiling it as in Fruit by The Foot®, but will still think the flat shape and pliability of Stretch Island's version is novel enough.

Overall, it is not a matter, in this case, of choosing the healthier choice and making a sacrifice in taste but, quite the opposite, this is the superior-tasting and healthier product.

The Facts:
Fruit LeatherFruit Roll-Ups®
Serving Size:14g (1 pouch)14g (1 roll)
Servings per Container:11
Fat:01g (5 calories)
Weight Watchers Points®:1 (on the low end)1

Organic apple puree concentrate, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic cinnamon.

Rating: (all rankings out of 5)
Overall: 4
Taste: 3
Satisfying/filling: 2
Healthy: 5
Performance (for athletes): 4
Diet Appropriate: 5
Category: Snack Foods/Candy


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