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Tuesday, June 19, 2007 

Annie's Microwavable Mac & Cheese

Under the category of healthy convenience foods, Annie's Microwavable Mac & Cheese is right at home. Packaged in a box of five single serve envelopes, Annie's Microwavable makes a quick, easy and nutritious lunch for my kids, especially on those colder days when they are looking for something to warm them up -- from box to microwave you can feed your little ones in just about 3 minutes. Made with organic durum semolina pasta, real cheese and buttermilk, there is nothing in this pasta that you would feel uncomfortable feeding your kids. This product provides the same wholesome goodness of Annie's other mac & cheese product offerings -- flavor has not been sacrificed for convenience. One warning, be sure not to over-microwave or you'll end up with a tasteless, dried out mess. Also, to bump up health benefits, I like to throw some frozen veggies into the bowl before microwaving.


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