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Wednesday, June 13, 2007 

Crispy Green Crispy Apricots

I recently found another tasty and convenient way to add more fruit to my families diet with Crispy Green Crispy Apricots. Crispy Green is unlike other "dried fruits" in that they use a unique method of freeze-drying fresh fruit in order to remove it's water while maintaining the integrity of the fruit's nutrients -- leaving behind a sweet, delicious, light and crispy snack. Crispy Green is 100% real fruit, with no added preservatives or additives. In fact, unlike many other dried fruit producers, Crispy Green does not use the preservative sulphur in any of their snacks -- an ingredient to which many people have a sensitivity.

Crispy Green is conveniently packed in 0.36oz. bags (by the way, for those of us drawn in by good packaging, it's attractive too), making it the perfect midday snack while on the go or especially for the kid's school or camp lunchboxes. We also like it sprinkled on yogurt and on hot and cold cereal. Although I have not had an opportunity to try it myself, I bet Crispy Green would taste great added to your favorite muffin or quick bread recipe.

So far, we have enjoyed Crispy Apricots which contains the equivalent of 2 apricots and 40 calories in each 0.36oz. bag -- Crispy Green also sells Crispy Apple, Crispy Peaches and Crispy Pineapple.

Crispy Green Crispy Apricots


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