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Wednesday, June 20, 2007 

Newman's Own Lightly Sweetened Lemonade

With the sun shining and the temperature on the rise I wanted to treat my kids to their first taste of lemonade for the season, however, I wanted to avoid the unhealthy stuff commonly found in store-bought lemonade. Since my impression of the Newman's Own brand of products has been quite positive in the past, without stopping to analyze the nutritional label I grabbed a container of Newman's Own Lightly Sweetened Lemonade out of the refrigerator case and placed it into my cart without even a second glance. Later in the day I was pouring a glass of this lemonade for my daughter when I happened to look down at the ingredients listed on the side of the carton. To my great surprise and disappointment I was horrified to see high fructose corn syrup listed among the other ingredients on the label. Given the nature of their business as well as their marketing strategy, I made the uninformed (and slightly mislead) conclusion that Newman's Own would only put the best ingredients in their products (i.e. in the case of lemonade -- lemon juice and sugar). A warning to all -- buyer beware -- don't assume, always read the nutritional label before you buy!

Great advice! I've been similarly duped before!
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