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Friday, June 15, 2007 

Soy Garden Natural Buttery Spread

As long as I've known my husband he has only willingly eaten margarine (in my opinion, one of several food abuses associated with his childhood -- I won't get into the green bean patties). Anyway, I'm really uncomfortable giving any member of my family margarine as the result of report after report of scientific findings stating the health risks associated with trans fats. Recently we switched over to Soy Garden Natural Buttery Spread -- it's 100% vegan and made with crushed soybeans. While at first the idea of this product was met with some trepidation by my husband, he was quickly won over my it's great taste. Soy Garden has a smooth, creamy texture and if you are not eating butter, it is the next best thing. It can be used quite successfully in most recipes, including baking recipes and has no hydrogenated oil, no trans-fatty acids, is all-natural (no preservatives), and lactose and gluten free.

This stuff gets two thumbs up from me too!
Soy Garden spread is the best tasting non-butter spread we've ever used. However, the store where I always bought it no longer carries it. How do I contact the company to find out were I can buy it, or if they can mail me a box of it?
I cna't find this anymore either, does anyone know where this is currently sold..we are in the Cincinnati area.
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