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Tuesday, July 10, 2007 

Soy Joy Mango Coconut Bar

By now most of us have seen the SoyJoy commercial -- the smart, sassy young woman video blogging the greatness of the SoyJoy bar. Given her pitch as well as the fact SoyJoy is an all-natural treat with the healthful benefits of soy I was intrigued to give it a try.

Recently, I had an opportunity to try SoyJoy Mango Coconut and let's just say -- I was not at all impressed and quite frankly kind of let down. Sure, SoyJoy looks promising when you read the short list of healthy ingredients as well as when you first remove the wrapper. In fact, the bar looks quite delicious -- like a homemade biscotti bursting with dried fruit. Unfortunately, the taste does not at all deliver relative to it's appearance. The bar lacked a standout flavor and the overall texture was somewhat unpleasant. Probably due to the inclusion of soybean powder, the bar left a pastiness in the mouth, which continued to linger on the tongue even after the bar was long gone. I will not purchase this product again, it did not live up to it's promise.


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