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Friday, July 11, 2008 

Healthy High Fiber Mac and Cheese

With no artificial colors or flavors, no trans fat, and 18 grams of fiber, it's ridiculous that no one has thought of this sooner!

One of the most common complaints I get from moms is that their children will only eat one food. Often, that food is macaroni and cheese with it's day-glo orange color, loads of fat, and very little (if any) positive qualities. Fiber Gourmet Light Mac & Cheese is a healthier alternative to traditional macaroni and cheese and one that tastes just like the popular brands.

Don't get me wrong--there are healthier, all-natural versions out there (such as Annie's), but Fiber Gourmet has the added benefits of 18 grams of fiber, and 35% fewer calories (170 vs. 260) than other leading brands. Fiber has shown to have exceptional health benefits, particularly for the heart and digestive system. Unfortunately, according to data compiled by the USDA Continuing Survey of Food Intake, only 12% of children consume their Daily Reference Value of fiber each day. Additionally, with obesity on the rise, a company that can take a traditionally fattening food and reduce the calories while keeping the great taste should be commended.

Try it now: Healthy High Fiber Mac & Cheese


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