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Monday, January 12, 2009 

R.W. Garcia's Spiced Flaxseed Chips

Corn ships with an afterglow; these spiced chips really make a great snack. The flaxseed bits in the chips make them speckled, but don't change the flavor much, or at least, if they do its too subtle for me to notice. The spice on the chips is smoky and would go well with hummus or salsa, or the chips can be eaten plain. When they are served at my Grandmothers house, these chips are always the first to go. Little kids don't mind the flaxseeds, because they can barely taste them, but these chips are a nutritionally superior to their counterparts. They are organic, and gluten free with no trans fats, and over 500mg of Omega-3s per serving. These chips also come in veggie, berry, Thai sweet and spicy, Blue corn, and multigrain.


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